Spells To End Someone's Relationship Gently

Spells To End Someone’s Relationship Gently – Relationship Ending Spell

Spells To End Someone’s Relationship Gently – Relationship Ending Spell
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Spells to End A Relationship

It is very heartbreaking to know that your partner is involved in a relationship with someone else. It is important if you take necessary action before any mishap takes place. You can perform the spells to end a relationship. The voodoo spells are very powerful and effective in breaking two lovers. If you find your husband not talking to you and diverting his attention towards some other girl then you can chant the spells to end a relationship. It has the power to untie the relationship of the two. The spells will result in disharmony and discord between the two.

Relationship Ending Spell

Your husband is not paying his attention towards you and due to this your work and family life is affected. Your children are worst affected due to this. Not just that your husband is involved in an extra marital relationship with some other girl. You need not worry about your relationship you can end the feeling of love between the couples by casting the spell. This spell will not cause any harm to anybody it is purely subjected towards breaking the couple. It will work best if you don’t wish any harm to someone and it won’t produce any side effects. You can chant the spells to end a relationship and see the results within few weeks.

Spells To End Someone’s Relationship

You can also perform this spell to end your relationship with your husband if your husband doesn’t respect you and abuses you all the time. It is unworthy to continue such a relationship where your husband doesn’t loves you and insults you every time.

You can perform the below given spells to end a relationship:

Things you’ll need for the spell:

One tablespoon salt

A black candle

A piece of paper

3 drops of garlic

Cayenne paper

Spells to Gently End a Relationship

Procedure to Perform Spells

Spells To End Someone's Relationship

  • Firstly light a black colored candle
  • Focus on your energies and clear your mind
  • Stare into the flame for few minutes
  • Take deep breaths
  • Prepare yourself for magic
  • Write the names of the people you wish to separate on a piece of paper
  • Sprinkle 3 drops of garlic on both the names.
  • Now add one spoon of cayenne paper and one spoon of salt on top of it.
  • Hold the black candle in your right hand
  • Close your eyes and send your wish to the universe
  • Focus on your energies while sending the wish
  • Drop some wax, oil, salt and pepper on the paper.
  • Now chant the spell to end the relationship:
  • “So transfer my will / my spell has been heard / as I will / so might it be.”
  • Roll the paper with the wax and mixture inside.

You may burn this paper in the ground or throw it inside water and let the wind carry the ashes. To complete the spell, light the left out candle on the next day of full moon and let the candle melt itself down.


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