Voodoo Separation Spells With Lemon

Powerful Voodoo Separation Spells With Lemon – Santeria Spells

Powerful Voodoo Separation Spells With Lemon – Santeria Spells
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Powerful Separation Spells

Powerful Voodoo Separation Spells With Lemon - Santeria Spells

The relationship of husband and wife is very sacred and pious. It is a thread which ties two souls together in this relationship. Both the partners tend to make promises and commitment for lifetime. But with the passage of time, the partners drift away from each other and situation becomes worse when a third person enters the relationship. Any relationship outside marriage is considered to be a wrong practice. If you feel that your husband or your lover is in a relationship with someone else then you can recite the powerful voodoo separation spells to separate them.


The powerful separation spells are very strong and effective in separating two people. Things you’ll need for the spell:

  • A lemon
  • Cat’s hair
  • Dog’s hair
  • A piece of paper

You can perform the below given powerful separation spells with lemon:

Santeria Separation Spells With Lemon

To cast this separation spell you need the right ingredients:

For your spell to work like magic you need to focus on the spell and perform it with great care. If you are a novice it is advisable to perform this with the help of a spell caster who will guide you with the right way of casting the spell. Firstly write the names of two people that you wish to break up on a piece of paper. Then cut the names away. Now put some vinegar on both the pieces of paper.

Santeria Spells

Now cut the lemon in two halves. After this put some dog and cat hair onto it with the names on the paper facing each other. Put the paper sandwich in between the halves of lemon. The lemon is a special ingredient and will create sourness in the relationship. The cats and dogs are believed to be natural enemies of each other and this spell will make them fight like cats and dogs. To complete the spell keep the lemon halves back with black wax or coal. You may also stick black pins in the lemon. At last, bur the sealed lemon in the garden.

Voodoo Separation Spells

It is excruciating to learn that your husband is involved in an extra marital relationship with another girl. You can’t help and feel depressed about your relationship. You tried several means to win your husband back but your husband isn’t willing to come back to you. The voodoo separation spells can serve this purpose. It will break the relationship and separate two people due to which your marital life is disturbed. The voodoo separation spells is very enchanting and break the relationship of two people by infusing anger, ego and conflicts in their relationship. The powerful separation spells will promote disharmony and disunity between two hearts.

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