Break Up Spell With Lemon Freezer


Break Up Spell With Lemon

The relationship tends to get heavy and boring if you don’t want to be a part of it. You may try a lot of things to end your relationship, but if it is not working, then break up spell with lemon may do it for you. The spell will just help you in manifesting your desires and ending your relationship with your partner. If you think that you and your partner are not at all compatible with one another and break up is the only option, then cast break up spell with lemon to end your relationship.

The spell can equally work to end the relationship of someone else. Yes, if your partner has cheated on you and is now in a relationship with someone else, then lemon freezer break up spell will help you. The spell will create differences in their relationship and eventually they will part. And, if you want then the lemon freezer break up spell will also bring your lover back to you. Breaking someone’s relationship is not good until that person has hurt you in any way.

Lemon Freezer Break Up Spell

If you and your partner have been fighting a lot and you don’t see any scope in being together, then the best way is to cast break up spells using lemon and cayenne pepper to end your relationship. The spell will work like a miracle and widen the gaps between you two and eventually your relationship will come to an end. The best thing about the spell is that it doesn’t let the other person know about your intentions and make the breakup occur very naturally.

So, if you are attracted to someone else and you don’t want to be in a relationship with your present partner, then break up spells using lemon and cayenne pepper will help you achieve it. The break up spell with lemon is without any side effects and majorly focuses on separating two people. There will be no arguments or quarrels, just simple breakup. The lemon freezer break up spell is for all those who don’t want to inflict any damage on someone. You can also cast it for your friend who is not happy in his/ her relationship but is not able to take any serious step in this regard.

Break Up Spells Using Lemon And Cayenne Pepper

Break up spells using lemon and cayenne pepper:

  • For this spell, you need a black candle, garlic oil, paper, lemon, cayenne pepper and some salt.
  • Light the candle and focus on the flame. Take deep breaths and concentrate. Write the name of the couple you wish to separate on a paper. Now drop a few drops of garlic oil on the names. Add some cayenne pepper, lemon drops and salt on it.
  • Keep the candle in your right hand and open your mind and heart to the universe. Concentrate on your energy on sending the message.
  • Drop some wax on the paper.Express your desire for the breakup of the couple. Ball up the paper and keep the wax inside it. Bury it somewhere deep inside the ground. Make sure the candle completely burns out itself.

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