Clear Skin Beauty Spells With Candles – Magic Spells To Make Me Beautiful

It is a well-said quote that beauty begins the moment you decide to be beautiful. Once you decide to look beautiful you can definitely look prettier. Many women wish to look beautiful but fail to take good care of their skin and beauty. They try various kinds of expensive treatments and cosmetics but end with no results. These cosmetic treatments prove to be harsh on the skin leading to various kinds of skin problems. If you want to maintain a beauty care regime then you must try these beauty spells with candles which can help you get clear and beautiful skin.

Beautiful Spells With Candles

Every girl desires to achieve a clear and beautiful skin free from any marks or blemishes. Well, you can definitely get a beautifully looking clear skin with the help of the beauty spells with candles. A lot of women are trying these beauty spells to look beautiful and have succeeded in getting a fairer and healthier complexion. You need to connect to the energies of the Universe which will enhance the glow and add beauty to your face. These beauty spells are very enchanting and powerful and help you get a beautiful looking face within a few weeks.

make me beautiful

Magic Spells To Make Me Beautiful

The spells to make me beautiful are very strong and effective in helping you look beautiful. You will definitely look beautiful after chanting these beauty spells with candles. Before chanting the beauty spells you need to have full faith in the energies of the universe and pray to the Goddess of beauty Venus to make you look beautiful.

You can perform the following magic spells to make me beautiful:

For performing this spell, you need an amulet which you will make during the waxing moon. Burn 4 red-colored candles. After this spread out a green laced tablecloth and keep the gold ring in the center of the table.

Beauty Spells for Clear Skin

Take a ring and throw some cardamom, caraway seeds, basil, and dry oak over it. Now take some ginger and think about the way you wish to look after casting the beauty spell For Clear Skin. For example; what kind of looks you want to achieve e.g silky hair, long hair, slim figure, etc.

Magic Spells To Make Me Beautiful

Now put the ginger on cloth. Put a cinnamon stick, 12 apple seeds and some quartz pink stones on the cloth.

Make a knot by taking the ends of the cloth. Circle a ribbon around the knot, and say:

“There’s beauty inside, there’s beauty outside. The beauty is coming from the heart and lighting me up. Evil will go away, beauty will stay. From now on and forever, I am beautiful.”

Now keep this amulet under your pillow or in someplace where you can take out and charge it daily by casting the beauty spell with candles.

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